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Friday, 12 October 2012

birthday party event managers in cochin

Cabbon party organizers are currently the best party organizers in Kerala. Cabbon is specialized in birthday parties and kids entertainments. Cabbon introduces a wide variety of entertainment programs, especially for kids. The most modern trend in birthday parties today is designer cakes. Birthday cakes always had a huge influence in the birthday celebrations as it is the center of attraction on the day. Choosing a birthday cake has the same importance as choosing the dress for a birthday kid. The entry of designer cakes has influenced a lot in the thematic decorations of birthday parties. The printed cakes were the first kind of designer cakes.

The cakes came with the printed images of cartoon characters or the kid’s favorite super heroes. The next was the cakes with printed image of birthday kid itself. These types of printed cakes had a huge demand in the market. But most of the party organizers are still stuck with the image printing method whereas Cabbon have put forward a step in introducing the thematic cakes. The birthday parties are now arranged and decorated with a specific theme suggested by the kid or their parents. We arrange the party hall with the suggested themes and colors such as Mickey Mouse, Donald duck, Angry birds, Barbie, Superman etc. With these kinds of thematic decorations, the birthday cakes also should match with these themes. Here comes the importance of thematic cakes. 

Cabbon party organizers leave the choice to our customers in choosing the themes. Customers can come up with any suggestions and ideas that are to be introduced in the party event. If the theme is chosen, next step is to choose the type of cake. The cakes can be customized with ideas and requirements. Usually the cakes are selected to match with the theme. If Barbie is the chosen theme for party decoration, the cake can be made in the shape of Barbie in required color and flavor. The designer cakes can be in 2D and 3D designs as per the requirements. The cakes designed as the statue of cartoon characters or super heroes will really amaze the birthday kid and the guests. If you want to give your child a big surprise, the best way to do so is to bring his/ her favorite hero/ heroine I n front of him in the form of birthday cake. The cake can be of various colors or of a single color like chocolate. The birthday parties do not end with cake cutting. If Cake is the primary attraction of the day, there are some secondary attractions too. These are the real flavors for the children attending the party. 

We provide a wide range of snacks for the parties. These snacks include designer cup cakes, various kinds of flavored pop corns, delicious ice creams, chocolate fountain and cotton candy. The children present in the party will have a good time enjoying their preferred snacks. Cabbon entertainments contemplate more on making fun for the children. Hence we present various entertainment events for the party. Other than the usual DJ and music, we mix the party with surprising magic shows, funny game shows for both kids and elders, comic shows by the cartoon characters, buffoon shows, shadow play and lot more. 

We also present some exciting programs such as caricatures, pencil and color paintings, balloon modeling etc. Celebrating your kid’s birthday party with Cabbon entertainments will be an unforgettable day in your life. Organizing such a party will be the greatest gift you can give to your child. Celebrate your special days with Cabbon events and feel high. Make your guests amaze by throwing a party they have ever seen. +91 9995560116 , 9895495937

birthday party event managers in cochin