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Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Event Planning Checklist that every Event Management Company should know


           Before planning an event, it will be a good choice to follow some guidelines and create an event planning checklist. Event Checklist may not only help you to ease your event planning, it may also help you to plan an event in an organized way. Since everything is systematized, you will get an alternative solution and enough time to tackle if any potential problem arises. It will act as a reminder of each and everything needed or involved within your event. It will help you get started in classifying all the details and time indication and deadline involved with your event planning process.

           While creating an event checklist, be sure about the event objective like what type of event is, client’s requirement and expectation of the event, guest overview, food & venue preferences, and overall budget estimates. It helps you not to miss anything while planning an event. When making a checklist, it is an essential to start with the basics and note it down as you continue to plan your event. Use any worthy tools so as to share your event checklist with your client, as it helps to add any remaining requirements from the client’s side.  This checklist can be useful for the next event as well.

                An Event Planning checklist should consist of             
(i) Event schedule an outline of different programs supposed to conduct in the event and book the entertainment programs like celebrities, magic shows etc. required if any
(ii) Event venue is finding out the venue which is apt for the event and meeting with the venue’s management, checking the venue and booking formalities needed as well as parking permits for the event.
(iii) Count the number of guests going to attend the event and design & deliver invitations to the event guests.
(iv) Event Theme/ Design and decorations for the event, sitting arrangement considering the guest, stage decor, and all the decoration items needed, including scissors, pins, staples, lights, and other decors with respect to theme choosing.

(v) Plan about Food, Dessert & Beverage menu considering everyone. Make proper arrangement by contacting caterers and let client taste the food before confirming a caterer.
(vi) If there is any registration required for the event, prepare an invitation as how a guest can register and set up event registration through the website or other social media.
(vii) Decide on the Event team like how many people are required to run the event. Prepare and assign work to each team member and this makes easy to find out team members who are in charge of setting up.
(viii) Develop a marketing plan and promotional strategies required for the event, if any.
(ix) Prepare the Event budget and monitor your spending and put all event expenses into a spreadsheet or other event software you use.
(x) After preparing plan an Event evaluation with event team as well as with a client discussing the status and progress

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Thursday, 1 December 2016

Make your Dream come true with the Best Event Management Services in Cochin

         Event Management Company plans, organize and skillfully manage an event from first to last for bringing out the best in it. Event planners take care of to make an event to be happening in the budget that planned earlier with their most cost effective solutions. Event organizers plan everything starting from the core till the end, making your event goes a complete success.

        Event Management service providers take into consideration the demands and preferences of the client and will try to provide the services in allotted budget. They take the entire responsibility in a professional way reducing the stress at a major level. And this is the foremost reason that most of all prefer an event management company to undertake an event. Another remarkable thing is the way they organize and manage the events or parties. By making use of innovative ideas, years of experience and knowledge in the industry, the event management companies in Kochi organize an event smoothly and bring out the best in allotted budget with a unique theme.

       Cabbon Entertainments is one such EventManagement Company in Kochi which offers great solutions to organize any type of event. Cabbon carries out all sorts of events from small to large like private parties, launch product event, corporate parties, wedding and more. They include unique thematic parties with more entertainment activities to grab the attention of everyone. Cabbon Entertainment is specialized in organizing Birthday parties. After the noticeable success, Cabbon has clients all over Kerala. Cabbon not only limit their services to family events like private parties, birthday parties, baptism ceremony, get together, naming ceremony, anniversary party, but also for Corporate events like dealer meet, press meets, client meets, employee engagement, board meetings, training meets or other associated events, wedding venue arrangements, photography, catering, Product launch or store launch, with lots of entertainment including acts, DJs, live music, celebrity appearances, artists, performers, magic shows, face painting, balloon modeling, tattoo artist, game organizers etc. to make an unforgettable event.

           Cabbon Entertainments is one of the top rated Event Management services in Cochin for making the important event in our life ever memorable. Cabbon is one among the best event management companies in Kochi providing a professional way through their services. They take all the responsibility of an event and make it hassle free and memorable one.