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Friday, 13 September 2013

Baptism Decorations in Kochi

Baptism Decorations in Kochi

The baptism of a child is a very special occasion. This is the first step that the baby takes in the world of Christianity and as such, it deserves to be marked and celebrated. The Baptism party needs to have a special atmosphere as it will bring friends, relatives and the godparents together.

Baptism Cradle Decoration

We provide intriguingdesigns and forms of cradle decorations with less expenseto make the day a special one.

Monday, 9 September 2013

birthday party event managers kochi

Kochi, a major port city of India is one of the emerging cities on the globe. Heralded as the Queen of the Arabian Sea, Kochi is the com

mercial capital of Kerala and has strong drivers to foster business growth, which, in turn, are linked to the agile development of the city. It is one of the most advanced cities in India in terms of literacy, education and health, and is also one of the top tourist destinations in India. 

The development of the city has shifted its gears with new projects such as “Vallarpadam container terminal “and the ongoing “Kochi Metro”. There has been a huge drift of IT companies from the world to Kochi with the development of IT parks.

The people of Kochi not only welcomed foreigners, but also some of their culture too. This has raised the standard of living of the people in Kochi. To accommodate foreign tourists, hotels and restaurants in Kochi maintain a world standard. 

Hotels are constructed in such a way that the total beauty of landscape and water bodies can be experienced. Hotels are one of in Kochi the best places to enjoy the life events such as birthday parties, marriage receptions, get-together etc. 

Cabbon Entertainments, the leading party organizers in Kochi suggest the hotels for party with maximum celebration and freedom. Some of the best Hotels in Kochi are Hotel Grand, Hotel Avenue Center, Hotel Abad plaza, Hotel, Le meridian and Ramada.

People of Kochi celebrate their life with a lot of joy and fun. Birthday parties and Bachelor parties have become a common celebration among the people. 

The cultural and religious festivals are celebrated with a wide range of parties. Kochi has a variety of celebration plans for New-Year as the leading hotels and party organizers set their best for Kochi.

Kochi Metro is a proposed rapid transit system for the city of Kochi in Kerala, India. The 25.65km metro line will run from Aluva to Petta and will include 22 stations. Kochi Metro Rail Project is also known as Komet or K-3C. 

Heavy traffic congestion has necessitated the development of a metro rail system in Kochi. The new metro system will reduce traffic congestion, while providing safe and rapid transportation to commuters. It will also reduce pollution and noise levels.

 The people in Kochi lead a busy life. Most of the people in the city either work different companies or do business. They also remain enganged/add colors to their life with shopping or outing during the weekends.

Parties are closely knit to the life of people in Kochi. So the party organizers have to be the best in trend and entertainments. Cabbon Entertainment is the leading party organizer in Kochi, specializing in birthday parties and kid’s entertainments.

 Cabbon introduces a wide variety of party ideas for birthday celebrations and is a trend setter in kid’s entertainment.

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Sunday, 1 September 2013

Birthday Party Event Organizers in Kochi

Birthdays are the happiest days of life. Everybody celebrates their birthday in different styles but the eventual endeavor is to celebrate their joy with friends and family. Parents consider their kid’s birthday as the time for a celebration and party. The best gift a parent can give to their child on their birthday is a well arranged party. Here comes the role of a good party organizer. Usually for the kid’s birthday parties, parents arrange a party with their concepts and desires. They keep themselves busy in welcoming and treating the guests giving less attention to the birthday kid. The birthday child will cut the cake and will be busy in receiving the gifs and the party will get over with a usual banquet.

If you celebrate your kid’s birthday in this style, it is time to move on. Cabbon entertainments organize birthday parties expressly for kids. We consider the likes of children for thematic decorations. Their favorite cartoon characters and super heroes will be the guests for the day. The decorated thematic cakes will amaze the child and other guests. Various entertainment programs such as magic show, balloon modeling, DJ etc will engross the children’s enjoyment. A well catered and delicious food will make the guests delighted.
Cabbon entertainment is specialized in birthday parties with a history of more than thousand successful events. We customize the parties with the needs and likes of our customer. We provide innovative birthday party ideas to surprise your dear ones. Let the party be in your house, apartments or in an auditorium; we provide a wide range of packages to suit your dreams and budget.

Cabbon entertainments are the trend setters of this field with changing craze and creative thinking. Kid’s birthday parties should be exhilarating and colorful. So we bring in the thematic decorations. Thematic decorations include the decoration/setting of auditorium with a specific theme. We usually consider the theme that is most liked by the birthday child. For boys, themes such as angry birds, Spiderman, Superman, Mickey Mouse, Tom & Jerry etc are usually considered and for girls the interest will be for themes such as Barbie, Cinderella, Minnie mouse etc. 

We usually prefer separate color codes for both boys and girls as blue & white for boys and pink & white for girls. The thematic decorations are not only limited to the hall arrangements but also includes the Cake decorations. We provide thematic cakes of various type and designs which can be customized to your needs. Printed cakes, modeling cakes, designer cakes etc are some of them.

Birthday party events are the most exciting features of the party. We offer a number of events such as magic shows, balloon modeling with specially imported balloons, caricature, comic characters and clowns for fun and entertainments, props, face painting, tattoo, various indoor games for kids, Special DJ performances by experts and many more. We also provide party snacks such as cotton candy, chocolate fountain, thematic cup cakes, pop corns and wafers to add flavor to the party. We ensure quality food maximum fun for the parties. +91 9895495937 , 9995560116