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Saturday, 28 December 2013

Baptism Party @ Pala Kanjiramattom

Kevin & Jimmy  Baptism & Holly Communion 

Monday, 9 December 2013

Birthday Party Organizers in Kochi

Cabbon party organizers is a unique party organizing firm specialized in kids entertainments. Children are always passionate for balloons and they love playing with it. If they enjoy playing with a normal balloon, they will be crazy for balloon models. Balloon modeling or Balloon twisting is an art of shaping balloons into any given shape or model. Cabbon party organizers are the first party organizing firm in Kerala to introduce the balloon modeling entertainments as a party event. For parties such as birthday parties, kid’s parties, Cradle parties, family get together etc. the balloon modeling has become unavoidable. The kids as well as the elders enjoy watching the Balloon Benders modeling the balloons.

Cabbon party organizers have highly experienced Balloon Benders capable of making hundreds of balloon models. The balloon benders follow different design styles while making the balloon models. Two of the primary design styles are "single balloon modeling", which restricts itself to the use of one balloon per model, and "multiple balloon modeling", which uses more than one balloon. The usual models made with single balloon are Basic four-legged animals such as Dog, Elephant, Monkey, Duck, Helmet, Sword, gun etc. and with multiple balloons are flowers, mask, octopus, characters etc. The models are made in front of the audience and will be distributed among the kids.

Cabbon party organizers provide balloons with high quality. Commonly the balloon benders use locally available balloons with cheaper quality and price. The disadvantages of locally available balloons are that the model will get burst very soon, as the rubber quality is bad, the kids who play with the balloon will have a chance to get infected if kept in the mouth. To overcome these issues, Cabbon party organizers uses the balloons imported from Australia with very high quality. The Balloon benders use the most modern and updated techniques to make the models within no time.

Another interesting event performed by Cabbon is the face painting. Face painting is done by experts with high quality face paints. For birthday parties, kid’s parties and private parties, children are the one who enjoys more. Each one will have a super hero or favorite characters. To dress them like their hero is always not possible and there comes the need of face painting. The designs are painted on the face with respect to the interest and desire of the kids. The usual designs for the face paintings are Tiger, Clown, Spiderman, Mickey Mouse, Butterfly etc. The paintings are easily washable and non allergic.

Cabbon entertainments flavor the party with a wide variety of events and cuisine. The main attractions are the designer cake and thematic snacks. The birthday cake or the cake for that particular function will be designed as per the requirements. If it is a thematic party the cake can be designed according to the party theme. 

The snacks provided for the party are mainly targeted for the kids and it also can be designed according to the theme. Some of the snacks that we serve are designer cup cakes, chocolate fountain, various flavored popcorns, sugar candy etc.