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Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Birthday Party Organizer Kochi

Birthday Party Organizer

Birthday party organizer carefully planned brainchild of our team members who think out of the box to perform beyond your expectations. What sets us apart from other birthday party organizer Kerala, are our unique event packages. Its safe to say that you are in for an experience of a lifetime. Our aim is to create beautiful and memorable events that are pocket friendly. Our creative team consists of young, talented and vibrant staff who work unanimously to bring about creative ideas for all events. They work together and meticulously plan to unveil a Pandora’s Box full of exciting and memorable moments. We make it our priority to execute exactly what you have planned and we guarantee 100% satisfaction if not more than what you have expected. We are aware that each element of an event leaves a crink on your pocket which is why we guarantee that the money you spend on them will be worth what it costs you, be it a wedding event, birthday party, baptism party, birthday cake etc. We deliver your expectations and offer 100% guaranty over the money you spend. Our major and foremost goal is and forever will be to fulfill our client’s wishes. We ensure the maximum fun and remarkable memories exposed on our all your events At the end of the day what matters more is customer happiness, giving us a thumbs-up for our good work, They made us leading event organizer in Kochi. when it comes to Event management companies our names are written in bold letters. We have a large team of professionals who specialize in kids birthday parties making sure that your tiny tots have the time of their lives with everyone thats important to them feeling equally thrilled. The cherry on top is that we deliver all these services at an affordable price. We promise to make your event leave a mark of happiness on each and every guest present. At the end of the day what matters most is our customer’s happiness, giving us a thumbs-up for our good work. Your satisfaction is our success. We humbly hope you have a mind-blowing experience with our company.

Friday, 15 September 2017

Trendy Décor ideas that every Event Management Company should go in for this year

            There’s an enormous surge in demands for Event Management Company and their services from birthday parties, exhibition, launch bashes, corporate events to wedding celebrations, as more and more people want their event to be special and craving for a memorable experience. Event planners are also in continual search of stylish and creative décor ideas that will awe their clienteles and create a lasting impression and powerful experiences.
                For creating a great impression, Event organisers have the biggest challenge of finding unique themes and décor ideas for their every event. More than just simply filling a venue, it’s also an opportunity for an Event Management Company to show their brand and uniqueness.  Whether you're planning a wedding, corporate event, meeting, gala, or other special personal event, you should know about the latest trends, tips, themes, and inspirational ideas for your next event.
First Impression relies on Great & unique décors
                In any event, the guest first notices the lighting, arrangements, floral decors, table and sitting arrangement. So this should unquestionably be the place where Event Management Company should focus on and make a big impression. Since, these impressions can speak volumes about what’s to come. A simplistic, modern arrangement designed to enrich the conversation should be focussed on.
Add another dimension to your event with unique & creative Ideas
                Executing Unique, attention-grabbing and creative ideas are the key things that make an Event Management Company stand out from the rest. The ultimate aim is to create an event experience for the delegates that is memorable, unique and remarkably awe-inspiring. Transform the venue to more overwhelming by adding interest and activities with creative decorations. There are many budget-friendly, but still trendy to transform your event to the next level.

Dangling Origami

Hanging the origami is a unique décor idea that would fit within your event budget. Creative types can string together with different pieces and create striking effects. Also, you can go for a variety of patterns or colours to suit with your theme too. 
Floral Arches
Floral arches are still in demand. It can also be used to create amazing event entrances or passageways to welcome the invitees. Floral arches are also a great way to create confines for the outdoor event party.
This is yet another budget-friendly decorative idea that can be easily fused with your theme or colour scheme and can make an interesting materials such as knitted triangles or eye-catching designs to suit different event types, be it birthday parties or bachelor party or anything.
Projection Displays with multi-colour Lightings
Use different light instead of other decor and project interesting images or colours onto a wall or ceiling to add interest. You could highlight and project or create interesting backdrops in keeping with your theme or interactive light shows to keep amuse the guests.
Umbrella ceiling or lanterns matching with your theme is a great décor idea that makes your venue easily transform to something more attractive.  You could clutch them together for a more bundled feel and brighter lighting in one area or spread them apart for softer, mood lighting.
Bare Bulbs
Apart from lanterns, make a statement with bare bulbs as they come in different sizes and you can choose the length to suit your ceiling height so that they form a canopy or are more intrusive like this dining set-up. You can also add in with some foliage or floral arrangements to create more dynamic layering.
Let your next event be an awe-inspiring one and the talk of the town by hiring a renowned Event Management Company in Kochi.

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Event Planning Checklist that every Event Management Company should know


           Before planning an event, it will be a good choice to follow some guidelines and create an event planning checklist. Event Checklist may not only help you to ease your event planning, it may also help you to plan an event in an organized way. Since everything is systematized, you will get an alternative solution and enough time to tackle if any potential problem arises. It will act as a reminder of each and everything needed or involved within your event. It will help you get started in classifying all the details and time indication and deadline involved with your event planning process.

           While creating an event checklist, be sure about the event objective like what type of event is, client’s requirement and expectation of the event, guest overview, food & venue preferences, and overall budget estimates. It helps you not to miss anything while planning an event. When making a checklist, it is an essential to start with the basics and note it down as you continue to plan your event. Use any worthy tools so as to share your event checklist with your client, as it helps to add any remaining requirements from the client’s side.  This checklist can be useful for the next event as well.

                An Event Planning checklist should consist of             
(i) Event schedule an outline of different programs supposed to conduct in the event and book the entertainment programs like celebrities, magic shows etc. required if any
(ii) Event venue is finding out the venue which is apt for the event and meeting with the venue’s management, checking the venue and booking formalities needed as well as parking permits for the event.
(iii) Count the number of guests going to attend the event and design & deliver invitations to the event guests.
(iv) Event Theme/ Design and decorations for the event, sitting arrangement considering the guest, stage decor, and all the decoration items needed, including scissors, pins, staples, lights, and other decors with respect to theme choosing.

(v) Plan about Food, Dessert & Beverage menu considering everyone. Make proper arrangement by contacting caterers and let client taste the food before confirming a caterer.
(vi) If there is any registration required for the event, prepare an invitation as how a guest can register and set up event registration through the website or other social media.
(vii) Decide on the Event team like how many people are required to run the event. Prepare and assign work to each team member and this makes easy to find out team members who are in charge of setting up.
(viii) Develop a marketing plan and promotional strategies required for the event, if any.
(ix) Prepare the Event budget and monitor your spending and put all event expenses into a spreadsheet or other event software you use.
(x) After preparing plan an Event evaluation with event team as well as with a client discussing the status and progress

Cabbon Entertainment is one of Kerala’s most respected and innovative Event Management Company in Kochi. Cabbon Entertainment,  Event Management Company in Kochi has built a reputation for successfully designing and delivering complex, high profile special events, product launches, entertainment activities, wedding, theme parties, conferences, private parties such as Birthday Parties, Anniversary celebration, Baptism ceremony get together and much more. Cabbon has skilled and experienced team of professionals that can offer any event management services all across Kochi, Kerala on time and budget and moreover all in a well-planned and organized way.


Thursday, 1 December 2016

Make your Dream come true with the Best Event Management Services in Cochin

         Event Management Company plans, organize and skillfully manage an event from first to last for bringing out the best in it. Event planners take care of to make an event to be happening in the budget that planned earlier with their most cost effective solutions. Event organizers plan everything starting from the core till the end, making your event goes a complete success.

        Event Management service providers take into consideration the demands and preferences of the client and will try to provide the services in allotted budget. They take the entire responsibility in a professional way reducing the stress at a major level. And this is the foremost reason that most of all prefer an event management company to undertake an event. Another remarkable thing is the way they organize and manage the events or parties. By making use of innovative ideas, years of experience and knowledge in the industry, the event management companies in Kochi organize an event smoothly and bring out the best in allotted budget with a unique theme.

       Cabbon Entertainments is one such EventManagement Company in Kochi which offers great solutions to organize any type of event. Cabbon carries out all sorts of events from small to large like private parties, launch product event, corporate parties, wedding and more. They include unique thematic parties with more entertainment activities to grab the attention of everyone. Cabbon Entertainment is specialized in organizing Birthday parties. After the noticeable success, Cabbon has clients all over Kerala. Cabbon not only limit their services to family events like private parties, birthday parties, baptism ceremony, get together, naming ceremony, anniversary party, but also for Corporate events like dealer meet, press meets, client meets, employee engagement, board meetings, training meets or other associated events, wedding venue arrangements, photography, catering, Product launch or store launch, with lots of entertainment including acts, DJs, live music, celebrity appearances, artists, performers, magic shows, face painting, balloon modeling, tattoo artist, game organizers etc. to make an unforgettable event.

           Cabbon Entertainments is one of the top rated Event Management services in Cochin for making the important event in our life ever memorable. Cabbon is one among the best event management companies in Kochi providing a professional way through their services. They take all the responsibility of an event and make it hassle free and memorable one.

Thursday, 10 November 2016

Top creative things Event Management Company follows

A great event should be the one that entertains the guest. Most importantly, it should be enriched with the unique and creative concept. The key element to be focused is the event engagement. Event Management company has to make sure about the event that is organizing should be exceptional. The latest trend seen in an event is to maximum participating attendees and merge the audience with performance. 

Creative events preferably pay attention to engaging everyone and every sense.      Creative themes with music, design, food, smell and everything.   As well as for those who attending the events, great content also plays a good role. When you get an event, find out the type of the event, its goal, make a plan and need to map out the strategy. Once the goal is sketched, find out the feasibility and cost to accomplish the goals. Prepare the checklist for each and every necessary thing and its cost. This includes catering, venue, beverages, DJ, music, invitations, giveaways and more. Figure out every little thing that is involved.  Prepare an overall cost estimate. Invitation to the event is another important aspect that comes under in the planning process. If you want to invite somebody on a VIP list, might want to send it out even earlier. It would be a good way to include directions or route map that include access to public transportation.   
  Event venue is also an essential factor. The venue can impress or disappoint the look and feel of an event. It is difficult to find an attractive venue that is affordable and easily accessible. Hotel conference centers are easily available, but they often don’t feel innovative. If they are reserved in advance, it can be available in reasonable price too. You can find out colorful and trendy event theme and make it more innovative.  While decorating keep in mind how guests will see when they walk into the venue to the actual event. Event Management Company will find a location choosing to host the event in a location that is not in much demand, or at least not during your event. 

      Cabbon Entertainment is an event management company in Cochin, having a wide range of experience in planning, organizing and managing corporate and private events. It is one among the best Event Management Company offers, party planning, organizing and leaving you tension free and enough time to relax and relish the party. Cabbon Entertainments are all set to make your dream come true with the various theme decorations customized events. In addition, Cabbon entertainments also provide tons of entertainment programs such as magic shows, mind reading, Balloon modeling, Face painting, Caricature, tattoo, cotton candy, popcorn, Mickey mouse, Kids dancers, DJ etc. 

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Event Management company to make your event more creative and unique

event management company in kochi 

                 An event management company can not only make your party plans hassle free, but also make it an ever memorable one. Giving priority to the client’s choice, Event Management Company makes an event beyond our imagination. With the knowledge and experience, they earned in the same field help them to design and plan an event even more quickly. An event management company will be able to plan and design an event with innovative and entertaining ideas. They make it unique to each client.

                With the trending technology, new apps and software are also obtainable in the market to help the Event Management Company.  The eventual target is to attain happy client and their satisfaction. With a well-organized software, makes all the event procedure very simple like planning, customer management, designing, keeping track of all significant data, checklist, venue and other details, marketing activities, logistics and so much to improve the productivity.
It does a lot more like seating arrangement and table space management and it allows you to work from multiple locations as well with more customization option. Major pros are that it helps to save more time and money.
event management company in kochi 

                 The services of an event management company include managing décor, lighting, seating arrangements, furniture hire, sound, flower decoration, catering, and entertainments. Event Management companies plan and design an event with very much innovative and unique for each client. They organize all the events including birthday parties, wedding event, anniversary parties, VIP events or charity events, award dinners, conferences, gala dinners, any celebration, christening, themed parties and launch events.
event management company in kochi 

                Cabbon Entertainment is an event management company in Cochin, having a wide range of experience in planning, organizing and managing corporate and private events. Cabbon has become the leading party organizer in Kochi, specialized in the birthday parties. We decorate your dream with mind blowing decoration, trendy themes and entertaining programs with unlimited fun. Cabbon is the best event management company in Kochi delivers lots of entertainment programs, including live music, celebrity appearances, DJ’s, magic shows, games, tattoo artist, balloon modeling making all guests to participate and enjoy the event. Cabbon also offers wedding planning and design services including venue arrangements, photography, catering, designer cakes and more with unique ideas. Cabbon is also specialized in all types of luxury, premier, and traditional weddings. The ultimate goal is to take the stress out of planning any event and ensure hassle free and unforgettable experiences.
event management company in kochi 

event management company in kochi 

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Selecting delectable Birthday cake for your little one

birthday party organizer cochin

           Birthday party celebration has become more popular nowadays. The perception of the way to party birthdays has also completely changed from the last couple of years. Earlier, celebrating a birthday is all about cake, candles, balloons, and some games, but today’s birthday celebrations have become more extravagant, decorative and theme based with unlimited fun.

            Countless options are there to pick a theme and to give your little one to experience boundless joy and fun. All want their parties to be really different. Hiring a birthday party planner is also a one stop solution for making a party a grand success and a memorable one. They will be able to deliver you with the creative and brilliant tips & ideas to make your party a real bash. In order to make birthday celebration a unique one, parents are opting for all kinds of latest theme options like princess bashes, ninjas, pirates, jungle-based theme, Alien birthday party, Candy Birthday party, carnival, circus theme, cat theme, Fairytale birthday party, zoo birthday party, Mermaid, Angelic party and lots more.
trends in cookies sweets for birthdays
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            The birthday cake is a vital item for birthdays. Birthday theme has a major influence on cake designs. Cakes are all time favourite desserts for most. With the addition of cakes, cupcakes, cake balls, cotton candy flavoured lollipops, sugar cookies stacked with buttercream filling have also become a great choice. Today’s Birthday cakes have such a beautiful and a scrumptious twist on a classic. Starting from the classic sponge cake and fruit plum cake, now in the design also there has occurred tremendous change. The simple and traditional sponge cake very quickly transformed into different layers of colours with butter cake piping effects on the outside of cake giving finally rainbow ombre.
delectable birthday cakes
               Lots of happenings are there in birthday cakes. Latest trend you can see in 2016 is the watercolour painted fondant creations. Creating a watercolour look, whether painted onto fondant or swirled with shades of buttercream, is a great way to give trend onto an event's cake. From fudge to caramels and lollipops to truffles, candy makes a wonderful as well as personalized gift, perfect for celebrations like birthdays, anniversaries, wedding, christening and other functions. With the use of Fondant and food colour gels and a little alcohol such as vodka, watercolour fondant creations transforms birthday cakes to another level. A Flat fondant shapes for cakes, cupcakes and biscuits are getting not only trendy but also they're making their way onto cupcakes, regular birthday cakes, and wedding cakes in a big way with a wonderful look. Also, you can find the cake decorators piping complex but beautiful buttercream flowers everywhere. These can be achieved by using food colour gels, different types of icing creams, and a variety of piping tips, authentic roses, carnations and daisies with a little practice. With the use of fresh fruit and edible flowers, chocolate shards, lots of candy used as decor has also seen becoming popular. Also a band of fresh flowers at the base of a tiered cake, and cake flowers going circular is really eye catchy.

trendy birthday cakes in kochi

It’s high time to move on if you are still celebrating your kid’s birthday in an old way. Cabbon entertainments, one of the leading event management company in Kochi, who initializes radical changes in the outlook of the celebration of birthday parties and birthday cakes in Kochi, Kerala. Cabbon is all there to help you organize birthday parties expressly for kids. With our creative and impressive approach, we give more priority of kid’s likeliness for setting up of thematic decorations like frozen birthday party theme and much more. Favourite cartoon characters and superheroes will be there to grab your attention. The decorated thematic cakes will amaze the child and other guests. Various entertainment programs such as magic show, balloon modeling, DJ etc will captivate the children's enjoyment.