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Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Anu Elizabeth creating art with every cake she bakes

Any celebration – birthdays or weddings or baptisms or anniversaries, cakes are inevitable. It becomes more colourful when the cake is thematic or 3D decorated. Baking a perfect cake for any event is not an easy task, it requires special baking skills and creativity. Anu Elizabeth is such a super cool cake designer who has been passionate about cakes since childhood. She started baking professionally only 5 years ago and in that short time she serve cake at all significant times in the cycle of life. She bakes mostly birthday cakes, baptism cakes and theme cakes.

 designer birthday cake

Cake industry in Kerala has shown tremendous growth last year. The recent years have also seen an increase in cafe and bakery shops which are popular for cupcakes, macarons, jar desserts, etc. But still amazing cake varieties are hard to find in local stores. Although you can find cakes with primary tastes and frosting blends, it won't be enough for your special occasions. The importance of designer cakes comes here. There are many home bakers in Kochi who are gearing up for customized orders just for this special occasions. Anu Elizabeth stands out among them because its more passion for her than a business. Her cake is not only a delicious treat but also a visual delight. She always make sure the cakes are made fresh with best quality ingredients as per the design and that's the secret of her success. 

"Everybody expects a variety" says Anu Elizabeth on behalf of her experience in the field of party planning and organising. She do care in the designing and baking of every cake for delivering that varieties to her clients. She says, "We use only the freshest and finest ingredients available. Not only do the cakes we make have to look great, they must taste terrific as well." Until now she has designed several theme cakes suitable for birthdays, baptism and wedding. All her clients were completely satisfied with her designs and they have come back again and again. Purple Butterfly, Hello kitty, Candyland, Frozen theme cakes are some of the recent products from Anu. Follow her facebook page for birthday cakes and see the latest designer cakes.

 designer cake

 baptism cake

Anu Elizabeth was the brain behind the formation of Cabbon Entertainments in 2008 which specialises in kids entertainments and parties. For starting this business she got wonderful support from her husband Nipin Niravath, who is popular mentalist and mind reader in Kerala. In the early stages she really work hard to compete with similar party organisers. But in quick succession Cabbon became the no.1 event management company in Kochi. Now she is very busy with organising parties for children on occasions like birthdays, baptism, christening and naming ceremonies, choosing themes that match the children's taste.

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