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Friday, 15 September 2017

Trendy Décor ideas that every Event Management Company should go in for this year

            There’s an enormous surge in demands for Event Management Company and their services from birthday parties, exhibition, launch bashes, corporate events to wedding celebrations, as more and more people want their event to be special and craving for a memorable experience. Event planners are also in continual search of stylish and creative décor ideas that will awe their clienteles and create a lasting impression and powerful experiences.
                For creating a great impression, Event organisers have the biggest challenge of finding unique themes and décor ideas for their every event. More than just simply filling a venue, it’s also an opportunity for an Event Management Company to show their brand and uniqueness.  Whether you're planning a wedding, corporate event, meeting, gala, or other special personal event, you should know about the latest trends, tips, themes, and inspirational ideas for your next event.
First Impression relies on Great & unique décors
                In any event, the guest first notices the lighting, arrangements, floral decors, table and sitting arrangement. So this should unquestionably be the place where Event Management Company should focus on and make a big impression. Since, these impressions can speak volumes about what’s to come. A simplistic, modern arrangement designed to enrich the conversation should be focussed on.
Add another dimension to your event with unique & creative Ideas
                Executing Unique, attention-grabbing and creative ideas are the key things that make an Event Management Company stand out from the rest. The ultimate aim is to create an event experience for the delegates that is memorable, unique and remarkably awe-inspiring. Transform the venue to more overwhelming by adding interest and activities with creative decorations. There are many budget-friendly, but still trendy to transform your event to the next level.

Dangling Origami

Hanging the origami is a unique décor idea that would fit within your event budget. Creative types can string together with different pieces and create striking effects. Also, you can go for a variety of patterns or colours to suit with your theme too. 
Floral Arches
Floral arches are still in demand. It can also be used to create amazing event entrances or passageways to welcome the invitees. Floral arches are also a great way to create confines for the outdoor event party.
This is yet another budget-friendly decorative idea that can be easily fused with your theme or colour scheme and can make an interesting materials such as knitted triangles or eye-catching designs to suit different event types, be it birthday parties or bachelor party or anything.
Projection Displays with multi-colour Lightings
Use different light instead of other decor and project interesting images or colours onto a wall or ceiling to add interest. You could highlight and project or create interesting backdrops in keeping with your theme or interactive light shows to keep amuse the guests.
Umbrella ceiling or lanterns matching with your theme is a great décor idea that makes your venue easily transform to something more attractive.  You could clutch them together for a more bundled feel and brighter lighting in one area or spread them apart for softer, mood lighting.
Bare Bulbs
Apart from lanterns, make a statement with bare bulbs as they come in different sizes and you can choose the length to suit your ceiling height so that they form a canopy or are more intrusive like this dining set-up. You can also add in with some foliage or floral arrangements to create more dynamic layering.
Let your next event be an awe-inspiring one and the talk of the town by hiring a renowned Event Management Company in Kochi.


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